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Another dream came true! Newly published book by Vivian Cameron with illustrations by Christina Simcic.

We're Three: A Story About Families and The Only Child
22 pages • Saddle stitched • Landscape Format
Catalogue #08-0252 • ISBN 1-4251-7215-6
US$10.96 • C$10.96 • EUR7.49 • £5.66

Not since the three bears has there been a children's story about the family of three or the only child. This interactive book is designed for all families to enjoy.

Visit Trafford Publishing for more information or to place an Online Order.

Faux finishes, decorative painting and trompe l’oeil murals are tools to create escapes from the ordinary. The possibilities of transforming walls, ceilings and other surfaces by changing their colors and textures, adding images or applying patterns, are endless. It is fascinating to see how the mood of a room can be altered, how a beautiful architectural feature can be enhanced or how an unpleasant part of a room can be disguised.

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